Alex by Amy Sequenzia

By Amy Sequenzia

Alex, Autistic Teen, Victim of Hate

All the trigger warnings.

Alex Spourdalakis was 14 years old.
He was Autistic.
He was murdered by his mother.
He was murdered by a person who hated him.

Dorothy Spourdalakis will not go to prison.
She murdered her son, she committed a hate crime, but she claims she did not have another option because Alex was in pain. She claims love but her actions show hate.

Dorothy Spourdalakis believes autism is a disease caused by vaccines. She didn’t love Alex because she saw him not as the son she wanted, but as a problem to be fixed, as a burden on her life.

Dorothy Spourdalakis was a member of anti-vaccine, quack treatments, curebie group Age of Autism, and might have used dangerous “treatments” that might have caused Alex a lot of pain.

Dorothy Spourdalakis didn’t love Alex. She hated him.

When she refused services and respite from DCFS, it was hate.

When she refused appropriate medical treatment from doctors in the three hospitals she took Alex to, it was hate.

When she demanded that Alex be treated with dangerous non-medicinal approaches, it was hate.

When she signed authorizations for the hospitals to keep a very distressed Alex in a four-point restraint, it was hate.

When, in an attempt to gain sympathy, she exploited Alex by publicly posting pictures of him semi-naked, it was hate.

When she allowed disgraced, opportunistic former doctor Andrew Wakefield to film semi-naked, distressed Alex for a non-factual, anti-vaxx movie, it was hate.

Dorothy Spourdalakis wants us to believe she loved Alex, but she is not sorry she drugged him, stabbed him four times in the chest, and cut his wrist – almost severing his hand.
She is relieved she survived her “attempted suicide”.
She is relieved she will not spend time in prison.

Dorothy Spourdalakis did not love Alex. She hated him.
If she loved him, she would have asked to be sent to prison, instead of trying to portray herself as a victim.

Dorothy Spourdalakis violently murdered Alex and the “justice” system believes that, when the victim is disabled, no crime is heinous enough.

Alex, your community will not forget you.

Note: what I wrote is based on what Dorothy Spourdalakis posted before she murdered her son, on posts and public actions by her supporters after she murdered Alex, and on Andrew Wakefield’s interviews, posts and claims of “knowledge”.

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