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Announcing #AutismPositivity2015




Announcing #AutismPositivity2015.

Guest Post by Melissa Fields

Melissa is an Autistic adult who writes about her experiences here and here.

 No more.

I can’t take anymore being unheard,

talked over,

of being always wrong,

of being always misunderstood

just let me duct tape my mouth and become a part of the wall.

Because everything i say and do and think is always

too loud

and always wrong, wrong, wrong.


When i say that certain words, smells, textures, etc., bother me, i am not lying or trying to be mean and difficult.

I am telling the truth.

My mind works on a different plain than a normal person’s does.

I need much more reassurance.

I need more hugs.

I need more patience.

I need more time to process what is being said or done.

I need more time to collect the thoughts i am speaking.

I can’t do normal. I don;’t know how to do normal.

Please understand.

When i speak, it is sometimes too loud because of my excitement.

When i speak, i sometimes use the wrong words because my mind gets literally logjammed.

Please understand.

Melissa talks more about why she writes here:  Why I Write What I Write