About PACLA…

This is a space to give a sense of community to parents that choose to parent Autistic children with love and acceptance. This is an Autistic safe space — meaning that bashing and demeaning Autistic people is strictly not allowed. All discussions will be moderated to that effect. In this space, parents are encouraged to discuss supporting and accommodating Autistic children respectfully, advocating for neurodiversity, and the bountiful joys of raising Autistic children.

1. We love and accept our children as Autistic people.
2. We don’t want to change our children.
3. We don’t wish our children were not Autistic.
4. We do not speak over the voices of Autistic people.
5. We recognize that Autistic voices deserve center stage over our voices as parents of Autistic children.
6. We parent our children with an eye towards promoting neurodiversity and acceptance.
7. We do not subscribe to therapies/interventions which seek to change the nature of our children or utilize aversives.
8. We are open to learning from Autistic adults.
9. We foster our children’s growth through respectful accommodation and support.
10. We do not tolerate the bullying of Autistic people.

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