16 MUST SEE Memes That Nail What It’s Like To Have an “Autism Parent”

autismparentmemes (13)

Image: A small child with blonde hair and a confused expression on their face is buckled into a car seat.  White text reads: “When your autism parents get pissy with an autistic adult because they are not exactly like you even though you are only four.

autismparentmemes (12)

Image is the character Inigo Montoya from the movie “The Princess Bride”.  White text reads: “We are all a little bit autistic.  You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means”

autismparentmemes (11)

Image is a large crowd of people with black text that reads: “Your parents don’t want to tell you that you’re autistic…..but this many people get to know about your toileting habits.”

autismparentmemes (10)

Image: Black text on white background reads: Autistic person writes about how “Autism Parents” treat them horribly: “YOU BIG MEANIE PANTS!” picture to the left is a crude drawing of an angry face
“Autism Parent” writes dehumanizing piece about how Autistic child ruined their lives: YOU ARE SO BRAVE!” picture to the right is a crude drawing of a face with wide, sad eyes, crying and clasping their hands over their mouth.

autismparentmemes (9)

Image description: orange/brown background. there is a grey drawing of Saint John baptizing Jesus in the middle.
The black text reads: Being the parent of an Autistic child? Doesn’t automatically qualify one for sainthood. Or even decent parent status.

autismparentmemes (8)

Image: is a small dog with it’s paws stretched out and mouth open wide, making it look confused.  Black text reads “When someone apologizes to your parents right in front of you for how hard it must be on them because you have the nerve to exist while being autistic.”

autismparentmemes (7)

Image:  is a human skeleton laying on it’s side with black text that reads: “me waiting for people to recognize that autistic people are the only experts on autism.”

autismparentmemes (6)

Image: is Captain Picard from Star Trek TNG face palming.  Black text reads: “When it’s April and your parent says “every day is autism awareness day in our home!”

autismparentmemes (5)

Image: is a white female presenting person with their hands over their face.  White text reads: “When your parent gets a puzzle piece tattoo ‘for autism'”

autismparentmemes (4)

Image: is a small light brown bunny with it’s paws over it’s face.  Black text reads: “When your ‘autism parent’ starts talking about “AWARENESS”.

autismparentmemes (3)

Image: is the confused math lady meme, four pictures of a confused looking blonde woman images of various math problems next to her face.  Black text that reads “when your autism parent tells everyone how hard it is to put up with you then complains that nobody wants to include you.”

autismparentmemes (2)

Image: two photographs side by side. The photograph to the left is a woman in workout clothes and boxing gloves smiling at the camera.  Image to the left is a close up of a woman’s face with her hand and finger over her mouth as if she is asking you to be quiet.  Black text reads:  “What your parents think they need to do when they find out you are autistic versus what they should actually do.”

autismparentmemes (1)

Image: is a woman with long dark hair wearing a graduation cap and gown giving the “thumbs up” sign. Black text reads : When your allistic mom says she has a ‘P.h.D in autism’ but has never spoken to an autistic adult except to assign them a functioning label or correct them because they used identity first language.


Image: is a woman with long curly hair and a confused expression on her face.  She is wearing a pink top and headband.  Black text reads: “That feeling when your  parent tells everyone that autism doesn’t define you while also telling anyone who will listen that they are an “autism parent”.


Image: Is a hole in the ground.  Black text reads “an autistic person fell into a hole and everyone asked; “but…..how is the paaaaarent?!?”


Image: is a hole in the ground.  Dark text reads: An autistic person is shoved into a hole. Everyone takes their parent for tea and sympathy.


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PACLA is an Autistic friendly space dedicated to guiding parents toward respectful supports and accommodations for their Autistic children through the concepts of gentle parenting and a belief in the value of neurodiversity.

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  1. These memes are fabulous.

    Can we use them as bookplates in the Neurodiversity Library? Or give them out as cards?

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