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Uncovering Deception

It has been called to our attention that a prominent advocate has deceived the community in regards to events in their personal life and in how they represented themselves.   This person caused many to be concerned about their health and safety as we falsely believed they were in a life or death situation.  


This individual’s deceptions should not  bring into question valid communication methods such as   AAC, FC, or RPM that many nonspeaking or partially speaking Autistic people use  to communicate.  We must not discount an entire group of people because of one person’s active deception against our community.


Unethical predators will leverage anything they can, but that does not reflect on the tools & communication methods they are using.  


The truth was discovered by concerned friends of this individual.   While we don’t know all of the facts at this time, we do know that this was not what they expected when they began investigating.     We understand that many in the community are hurt and asking questions, we do not feel it is responsible to go into further details until we know more.   

Printable Resources: “What Is Autism?” by Nick Walker (English & Spanish language)

Free Printable Resources in both English and Spanish using Nick Walker’s “What is Autism?”  (special thanks to Comunidades Inclusivas for translating the text into Spanish!)

These can be used to educate parents, teachers, professionals and more…..

Check it out:

What is Autism?



PACLA 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s here!  Check out our 2015 Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance Holiday Gift Guide!  Supporting Autistic artists, crafters, writers, shops and businesses during the holiday season.  Click on the link to open the PDF:

PACLA 2015 Holiday Guide *UPDATED*