April is Autism ACCEPTANCE Month!

Check out these Autism Acceptance Month Activities that celebrate neurodiversity, autistic pride & autistic culture!


Virtual Events:

Autism Acceptance Day & Month Virtual Event

Color The World For Autism

Tone it Down Taupe


Autism Acceptance Month Poetry by Neurodiversity In The Classroom

fullmetalheart.com’s 30 Days of Autism Acceptance in Pictures

Autistic Academic’s 30 Days of “Inspiration”


In Person Events:

Bellevue Autism Spectrum Navigators Autism Acceptance Video Game Tournament

The event is for EVERYONE! ALL students and families, faculty, staff, educators and other professionals, and community members, can learn more about autism at college, and how providing access creates a better experience for all.

Date: Saturday, April 9

Time: 11:00 am – 4:00pm in the Cafeteria at Bellevue College Main Campus.

Parking is free in student lots.

Admission is free! Throughout the event, there will be a variety of activities and resources for all.  For the video game tournament, competitors will be playing Super Smash Brothers on the Nintendo Wii U. Be sure to check our Facebook page often for full tournament details and an updated list of PRIZES!

Speakers include alumni student, now University graduate, author, and photographer who is starting his career path, Trevor Pacelli, speaking about his experiences and giving advice about reaching for your goals. There will be a panel of students from the Autism Spectrum Navigators Program to answer questions as well. And of course, you will learn about our new program. A session led by BC’s Counseling Center Program Chair Dr. Steven G. Martel will provide information about our unique Career Preparation course series.

Check out our Facebook event page often for updates!www.facebook.com/events/477433072441486/

All ages are welcome! We will provide both an Xbox Kinect game room for children ages 4-12, as well as a quiet room for our guests who need some space to get away from the fun for a bit.

Please join us in helping to spread the word about this event, and the access support program at Bellevue College! See you on April 9.


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network of Los Angeles will have five (5) major events in April of 2016. These events can be seen in more detail at Meetup.com/ASANLA
Saturday, April 2nd – Autism Speaks protest
This will be on the lesser side of accessibility, since Autism Speaks events are consistently inaccessible. However, it should be relatively accessible compared to most protests, since our plan this year is to sit/stand by a table and give out free earplugs and sunglasses. The location is the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

Thursday April 7th – South Bay support group
Our monthly support group for Autistic adults will run as usual at the South Bay LGBT Center in Torrance.

Saturday, April 9th – Autism Acceptance Chalk Festival
This event belongs to another organization, Autism HWY, which hosts the annual chalk festival in Covina. ASAN will join with an information table. ASAN members are also involved to perform their artistic work on the stage (poetry, music, etc.) and to draw in a dedicated ASAN chalking square (as well as additional spaces if they choose to purchase one).

Saturday, April 16th – Autism Acceptance Walk & Fundraiser
Another other organization’s event: the Autism Society of Greater Long Beach / San Gabriel Valley / Orange County, one of the better chapters. ASAN is invited as an information vendor.

Lastly, we will end the month with our second annual Sitmming Potluck Party. It’s the least urgent, so we’re still working out the details, but it will most likely be on Saturday the 30th in Whittier.
What is a Stimming Potluck? Well, it’s like a food potluck, but instead of food, we all bring our favorite stim toys that we’re willing to share.  There will also be general party elements like games and movies.


Autism Women’s Network & Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library Acceptance Month Screening of Spectrum: A Story of The Mind

Autism Women’s Network & The Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library are teaming up for a screening followed by a Q&A panel with the filmmaker and participants of the award winning film Spectrum: A Story Of The Mind.

The library will host one viewing party at the Stanwood-Camano Community Resource Center in Stanwood, WA on April 23, 2016 at 4:00 pm.

Autism Women’s Network is currently seeking donations for ASL interpreters, captioning the film, accessing appropriate technology & more to conduct viewing parties and make these events possible!  You can donate to help make this happen here.

If you are interested in doing a viewing party with AWN, contact Amanda at Autism Women’s Network for more information:  amanda@autismwomensnetwork.org

About Lei

PACLA is an Autistic friendly space dedicated to guiding parents toward respectful supports and accommodations for their Autistic children through the concepts of gentle parenting and a belief in the value of neurodiversity.

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