Join PACLA as we pledge to #BoycottTheMighty!


Image: Two blue outlined speech bubbles on gray background. Top right reads: “Oh, hey! FYI…”
Middle left speech bubble reads: You don’t get to say you are interested in social justice and disability rights while simultaneously posting ableist garbage that portrays disability as something children do to their parents. I do not think those words mean what you think they mean! #BoycottTheMighty

White text reads: “Enough is enough! Join PACLA as we pledge to #BoycottTheMighty!

We will not contribute to or be tokenized by The Mighty.
We as writers will not allow The Mighty to publish our content.
We will not share their content on social media.
We will not stand by as The Mighty continues to disrespect and devalue disabled lives!”


Sign our petition to the editors of the Mighty!…

Check out these postings by some of our PACLA moderators to learn more about why we pledge to boycott The Mighty:…/a-letter-to-editor-of……/i-know-youre-lying-fo……/neurodiversity-vs-the-mi…/…/why-i-dislike-mighty……/the-input-mighty-asked-f……/why-cant-we-all-get…/ 

Check out these blog posts from other disability activists and advocates on how The Mighty hurts the disability community:…/why……/open-letter-to-the-mighty/…/the-problems-with-mighty……/the-inspiration-porn-resolution-a30baf……/if-you-like-it-then-you-shou…/…/run-down-of…/…/an-open-letter……/12/23/please-listen-to-our-voi…/…/we-liked-it-so-we-put-a-paycheck-on-…/…/…

On Twitter you can also check out the hashtag ‪#‎CrippingTheMighty‬

Take the pledge with us and tell The Mighty that their ableism is unacceptable!


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  1. Hi,

    Agree with you completely.

    I am developing an alternative site to The Mighty and would love your feedback and thoughts – we also have a short survey:


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  2. Hi Dale, you can reach out to us at and one of the PACLA team can get back to you as we are able!


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