PACLA at TASH 2015

Several members of the Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance team are attending the TASH 2015 Conference in Portland, OR.    We are presenting on collaborative advocacy in the autism community and how we use our platform to promote acceptance and social change!


Image: PACLA poster on collaborative advocacy on a colorful carpet. In front of poster is round table with black tablecloth. Table has informational flyers and some awesome PACLA and Boycott Autism Speaks swag….including PACLA buttons and buttons for #CommunicationJustice in support of FC users


To see a PDF of the PACLA Poster, you can click the link below:

PACLA Poster Presentation: Collaborative Advocacy in the Autism Community: An Inclusive Framework For Social Change

About Lei

PACLA is an Autistic friendly space dedicated to guiding parents toward respectful supports and accommodations for their Autistic children through the concepts of gentle parenting and a belief in the value of neurodiversity.

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