#BoycottAutismSpeaks Guest Post by Leslie Rice

The following is an account of a protest of an Autism Speaks event in North Carolina.  This protest was organized by the author, Leslie Rice:

I wanted to share my experience from the protest September 1. The event was on “Transitioning to Adulthood” which is ironic since Autism Speaks could care less about autistic adults. It was also taking place at a behavior management school that often arrests disabled students for meltdowns that result in minor property damage.


When my husband and I arrived the two puzzle piece wielding Autism Speaks representatives actually asked us for directions. We took our post a few feet away from the entrance and passed out fliers. I typically greeted people with “good evening” and encouraged them to discuss the facts with me before making a donation or giving credibility to Autism Speaks. No one actually engaged in conversation with me but they did all take the information and express curiosity. The autism speaks representative approached me but declined to take a flier when I kindly offered!


About 30 minutes later here came two police vehicles who told us the school wanted us to leave but we were free to remain on the public sidewalk. They talked with us for a few minutes and said they respected our reason for being there. They even parted with fliers and made silly faces at my 8 month old. My presence posed no threat to Autism Speaks other than the fact they wanted money from these desperate family members. To call the police on two calm adults and a baby was ridiculous!

Thank you for organizing this protest and getting the word out about how Autism Speaks works against the Autistic community, Leslie!  Change the world, not your child!

Blue/Green diagonally divided frame with green text that reads "Boycott Autism Speaks"   In the middle of the text is a blue "unequal" sign.

Blue/Green diagonally divided frame with green text that reads “Boycott Autism Speaks” In the middle of the text is a blue “unequal” sign.

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